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Commercial Signs - Overview

Commercial Signage is an important aspect to every business. As they say, a business with no sign is a sign of no business. Whether you need custom Illuminated Channel Letters, a lighted Pylon sign, or a simple monument sign, let Identigraph help you create the right image for your business.

Identigraph is here to help you with your Commercial Signage project. Our project management team is fully equipped to handle your project through concept, design, permitting, fabrication, and installation phases. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and get started updating your business.

Exterior Signage

Exterior Signage is your first opportunity to make an impact with customers. Exterior signage not only needs to display your business name, but also provide your customers with a clear and concise message of what you have to offer them. For example, it is more suitable to use prominent and professional metal lettering for a financial institution, whereas a movie theater may opt for flashy neon and a bright LED message center.

Different types of exterior signage include:
• Illuminated Channel Letters
• Dimensional Letters
• Post and Panel Signs
• Monument Signs
• Pylon Signs
• LED Message Centers
• Wayfinding Signage

Often times exterior signage combines multiple styles to create a unique and individual style.

Channel Letters

Channel Letters are a very common way to display a business name. Channel letters can be fabricated into the exact shape and styles of any logo. Depending on complexity, channel letters can fit most any budget by using different styles and fabrication techniques.

Channel Letters are comprised of several different pieces- the face, the return, and illumination.
Channel Letters faces can either by metal or acrylic. When choosing acrylic faces, we decorate them second surface with printed graphics to match your company logo. We can also create different effects such as day and night glow by utilizing different vinyls and materials. By using metal faces you will create a halo look instead of lighting the face.
The return of the channel letter is the side of the letter, usually formed on a special bending machine. Once your sign has been designed on the computer a file is created that is sent to the bender. Aluminum coil stock is fed into the machine, which then bends or breaks the metal to form the letter.
There are several different ways to illuminate channel letters. The most prevalent way to illumante channel letters is by internally illumination. LED modules are evenly spaced within the return of the letter to light up the acrylic face and graphics. Another way to illuminate channel letters is by halo lighting. Halo lit channel letters create a shadow effect around the letter against the surface they are mounted to. The LED modules are still attached the same way, but halo lighting is most commonly used when the channel letters are metal faces. Depending on the application, Neon can also be used to internally and halo light channel letters, though it is not as practical in most situations as LEDs now cost much less, use less energy to operate, and last much longer.

Dimensional Letters

Dimensional letters are an economical way to display a business name when channel letters are not practical. Dimensional letters can be made from a variety of materials, most commonly aluminum or acrylic.
Aluminum dimensional letters can either be cast or cut out on a CNC machine depending on the desired effect. Either way, they can have the same finishes applied- satin finish, powder coated finish, or polished finish.
Acrylic Dimensional letters also have two methods of fabrication- formed or CNC cut. Formed acrylic letters provide softer lines and edges, whereas cut letters have a polished edge and different profile. Either option is offered in a variety of colors that can match most any logo. Clear acrylics have the ability to be edgelit, and can provide a unique quality to an interior or exterior display.

Post and Panel Signs

Post and panels signs are a great way to provide a simple yet sophisticated road sign. Post and panel signs are made by using aluminum posts and framing with a panel mounted to either a single side or both sides of the sign. The panels, or faces, are then decorated with printed or vinyl graphics, or can even have dimensional letters and symbols applied to create a three-dimensional look. The posts can be fabricated to most any shape and are capped with different style finials. Post and panel signs are typically not illuminated.

Monument Signs

Monument signs can be similar to post an panel signs, though they usually have more elements incorporated to provide a completely different effect. Monument signs are usually illuminated and come in many shapes, sizes, and styles. The most simple form of a monument sign is an internally illuminated cabinet with acrylic panels and applied graphics. A more complex monument sign may have push thru acrylic letters or channel letters applied to both sides, have neon accents, and special fabricated characters or logos. Monument signs are always mounted to base which can be brick, concrete, or aluminum.

Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are similar to monument signs, in that they usually consist of an internally illuminated cabinet with acrylic faces and applied graphics. Where they differ is that Pylon Signs are usually mounted to the top of a post and are usually very tall signs. The advantage of pylon signs is that they can be seen from further distances and help a business literally stand out above the crowd. Pylon signs are usually simpler in design, but are capable of utilizing different elements to achieve any desired look.

LED Message Centers

LED Message Centers or LED Boards are a great way to advertise any business. LED Boards can be thought of a 24 hour salesman that literally spells out anything the user needs it to say. LED Boards have been around for several years now, the most familiar ones are seen in popular places like Las Vegas or New York City. LED Boards are now controlled by cloud software, and allow the user to upload professional content using a web interface. LED Boards have also drastically improved resolution in both single and full color boards, which allows for a much clearer message and picture.

Wayfinding Signage

Wayfinding signs are used to help guide people through complex environments such as urban developments, healthcare facilities, and shopping centers. Wayfinding systems combine multiple layers and parts such as text, graphics, maps, symbols and other means of communication.