Commercial Awnings - Charlotte, NC

Commercial Awnings - Overview

Commercial Awnings are great way to add visibility and increase traffic to any business. Identigraph custom fabricates every awning to each business, which allows you to have complete control over your business's image. By using different shapes, sizes, and materials and even applying graphics every awning is unique to the business. Different types of awnings include Fabric Awnings, Metal Awnings, Backlit-Vinyl Awnings, Aluminum Sunshades, and Bahama Shutters.

Identigraph is here to help you with your Commercial Awning project. Our project management team is fully equipped to handle your project through concept, design, permitting, fabrication, and installation phases. Contact us today to schedule your free estimate and get started updating your business.

Canvas Awnings

Canvas Awnings are the most common type of awnings for small business looking to make an impact. Canvas Awnings can be manufactured in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and can even have graphics and logos added. We also offer a variety of flame retardant awning fabrics that meet current NFPA 701-99 fire ratings.

Canvas Awnings are the most common and economical awning option without compromising quality or longevity. Our Canvas Awnings are warranted to last up to 10 years. Most have a 20 year life expectancy with proper care and maintenance.

Canvas Awnings are a great way to increase business visibility. Canvas awnings also provide solutions for sun, rain, and snow protection for customers. By installing an awning over building entrances and windows anyone is shielded from everyday weather.

Canvas awnings also provide energy savings, and have been known to cut energy costs by up to 70%. In the summertime, canvas awnings help to shield and shade from the sun’s harmful rays and cut cooling costs. In the winter time, canvas awnings act as a secondary insulator, trapping any heat that is escaping from the windows.
Our team is ready to help you update your storefront. From design, to fabrication, to installation, your awning project will be nearly seamless. Unlike other renovations, the majority of the work is done in our fabrication shop. Awning installations usually take less than one day, minimizing the interference with your daily business activities.

Contact Identigraph today to schedule your Free Estimate. Identigraph is your #1 Solution for Canvas Awnings Charlotte.

Metal Awnings

Metal Awnings are a great alternative to canvas awnings. Metal Awnings have sleeker designs and can create a greater visual interest. Metal awnings are a great way to create a new modern look to any building.

Metal awnings come in all shapes and sizes. The most common types of metal awnings include:
• Standing Seam
• Metal Hanging Canopies
• Architectural Louvers
• Walkway Canopies
• Aluminum Sunshades
• Perforated Metal Awnings
• Bahama Shutters

Not all metal awnings have solid covers and it is a common misconception that they do not provide protection from the environment. Metal awnings such as sunshades and louvers filter sunlight by 50% and still provide drastic coverage and protection from the sun. Bahama Shutters are a metal-louver style awning and provide protection from the rain; Bahama Shutters manufactured by Identigraph are also hurricane rated and help protect windows in storm conditions when shut.

Identigraph fabricates 100% of our awnings from aluminum with powder coated finishes. Aluminum awnings are resistant against rust and erosion, and though they are lightweight have not sacrificed any durability.

Custom metal awnings can have various face panels such as stainless steel, copper, or brass. Changing these panels allows for a unique effect to any design. Additionally they can be wrapped with custom printed graphics to create an individual look.

Metal awnings can be installed on any type of building. Most commonly metal awnings are found in commercial spaces such as:
• Shopping Centers
• Education Facilities
• Government Buildings
• Industrial Spaces
• Banks & Financial Spaces

Metal awnings are weather resistant and require less maintenance than other awning styles.

Vinyl and Backlit Awnings

Backlit Vinyl Awnings create tremendous visibility during day and night. Backlit awnings integrate graphics into the design on often create a more prominent visual feature than ordinary signage. Backlit awnings allow for the most design and creativity by using bright colors intended to grab attention of most all potential customers.

Most commonly backlit awnings are installed at:
• Restaurants
• Retail Spaces
• Carwashes
• Theaters
• Hotels
• Hospitals
• Casinos

Identigraph uses high quality materials to fabricate backlit awnings. Not only do we use high quality fabrics, but we also take care to engineer lighting mounts and framing in order to diminish hot and cold spots in the overall product. Hot and cold spots happen when light is not evenly distributing across the face of the awning. We also take care to make sure the walkways beneath the awnings are adequately lit.

Backlit awnings are easy to maintain, and only need to be sprayed off to remove dirt and grime. By keeping backlit awnings clean you can avoid burnt spots that would otherwise occur. This also helps keep a clean and neat appearance for your business.